Our Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

Our Engineering capabilities are represented in eight Engineering disciplines covering all technical aspects of the project, performing in an integrated mechanism to deliver the excellence within each engineering process implementing Enppi's topnotch energy management and energy optimization standards.





Civil and Architecture



I&C and Telecom

Engineering Software Capabilities

Enppi has a long Engineering Design history with the introduction of CAD systems over 30 Years ago. currently Enppi Engineering and design teams have access to best CAE Systems for 3D plant, equipment, structural modeling software to the latest available.

Design and clash checks, isometric extraction. This results in the design system model database being the only source for drawings and report generation during execution, ensuring consistency. Enppi's Engineers utilize many software packages from renowned providers such as Intergraph, AVEVA and Bentley among others. These tools improve the accuracy, efficiency and precision of our engineering services.

Digital Capabilities

Our Digital capabilities cover the following digital based application:

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

Digital Twins

Linear Programming

Command & Control Centers

Smart Buildings (BMS)


Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling